Baluchistan small scale irrigation schemes (World bank funded)

Project Information

  • Client:Irrigation and Power Department, Govt. of Balochistan
  • Location:Baluchistan, Pakistan.
  • Period:

Project Overview

It was World Bank Funded project consisting of three components:
Restoration of Water Storage Capacity of the Khushdil Khan Dam/ Reservoir 
Component B: 
Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Supervision of 15 Small-scale Irrigation Schemes, OFWM works, HEIS contracts, Watershed and Rangeland management and rehabilitation Works
Component C: 
Institutional Capacity Building, Training & Further Studies for the Next Phase, Development of Project Management Information System, Implementation of Environmental Management Plan, Implementation of Resettlement Action Plan

Our Services

  • Preparation of overall methodology.
  • Monitoring and evaluation strategy.
  • Key indicators to develop baselines.
  • Methodology for surveys.
  • Identification and surveys.
  • Design and finalize M&E framework for BSSIP.
  • Preparation of training manual and schedule.
  • Carry out process monitoring of the project.
  • Training of staff of project implementation related agencies in use of PMIS.
  • Recommend appropriate corrective action
  • Check effectiveness of training of staff for land acquisition and resettlement program