Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation – Regional Improving Border Services (CAREC – RIBS) Project

Project Information

  • Client:Management Unit (PMU) Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), ADB Funded
  • Location:Torkham and Chaman and Wagha.
  • Period:jan 2017- Dec 2021.

Project Overview

The contracts for civil works for each of the three facilities, which will include necessary ICT and security systems to be implemented on a nominated subcontractor basis, will be executed through an engineering-procurement-construction (EPC) contract, the draft of which was developed during preparation of the project. This has been based on the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant Design and Build, under which the Employer for the contracts will be Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the Employer’s Representative will be the Project Director for the PMU, the Engineer will be the CSC, and the Engineer's Representative will be the CSC’s Team Leader. The Engineer will undertake the responsibilities defined in the Conditions of Contract, which will include but not be limited to the following, for each of the three facilities

Our Services

  • Review and certify detailed design prepared by the selected contractor for the facility's civil works, and for the design or selection, as appropriate, of the equipment and components for the facility. 
  • Supervise construction of the facility and installation of the procured equipment for the effective operation of the facility, and ensure that it conforms to the specifications, drawings, standards, and plans and is consistent with the Employer's requirements. This task is to include.
  • Conduct required quality assurance tests on works done and equipment purchased and installed.
  • Ensure that the designs prepared by the contractor are in conformity with the defined specifications and/or meet the required performance criteria as appropriate.
  • Review the contractor's work program, quality control program, environmental management plan (based on the project's approved Environmental Management Plan).
  • Certify that works are done, and equipment purchased and installed, are in compliance with the contract before initiating testing and trial running.
  • Review and certify interim payment certificates for the Employer's approval.