Consultancy Services for School Construction and Rehabilitation Programme in Pakistan 2015-2018

Project Information

  • Client:IMC Worldwide Ltd. Pakistan.
  • Location:Punjab & KPK.
  • Period:Sep 2016- Sep 2018

Project Overview

The Purchaser intends to award a contract for the production of bid and construction drawings and the Bills of   Quantities for the Humqadam School Construction Programme in Pakistan to one (1) or more design consultants.   Basis for the design will be an already completed baseline study for each school showing the layout plan for the   school with the placement and type of pre-designed classrooms. It will also show the existing classrooms with   estimated renovation quantities. In addition, it will show the electrical, water and sewage connections.

Our Services

  • Consultant’s acceptance of Generic Designs prepared by the Purchaser and certification that generic designs comply with applicable design standard and codes in Pakistan. It shall also include corrections to the generic design drawings if required.
  • Production of Generic Design drawings for each school including architectural, structural, plumbing, electrical and civil drawings, using templates drawings provided by the Purchaser if applicable for the individual school.
  • Design drawings where Generic design is to be modified due to specific site conditions such as modification of foundations etc.
  • Custom design of school classrooms where a generic design cannot be implemented.
  •  Printing, signing and stamping of drawings, Bar Bending Schedules, Bill of Quantities and specifications.
  • Design of new toilet cubicles (one for disabled) in existing schools.
  • Septic Tank, Leach Pits, Water Tanks, Landscaping, Boundary Walls, any site development works, Required Support Facilities and any other structure, if deemed necessary as stated in the base line study.