Design Review and Construction Supervision Of 20 Dams Package -III

Project Information

  • Client:Irrigation Department
  • Location:Baluchistan
  • Period:April 2017- March 2020

Project Overview

  • Under the approved Phase-III of the Project 20 storage cum delay action dams are being constructed throughout Baluchistan Province. The basic types of dams proposed comprise of concrete gravity dams, modified homogeneous and zoned earth embankment sections depending on the availability of fill material with varying configuration.

Our Services

  • Data collection, Survey work and contouring.
  • Review of design of dams, spillway, outlet, intake structures, irrigation channels and command area works
  • Cost estimate, BOQ, and Tender Documents
  • Drawings, and profiles preparation for the different components including drains and embankments with necessary sections.
  • Construction Supervision and Management of Contract
  • Preparation of Construction Drawings and As-Built Drawings
  • Cost estimate, Bill of quantities and Tender documents preparation
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Construction Supervision as "the Engineer