FATA Water Resources Development Project

Project Information

  • Client:FATA Secretariat, ADB funded,Govt of KPK.
  • Location:FATA.
  • Period:Oct 2016 - April 2020

Project Overview

  • Construction of new irrigation infrastructure, including nine small dams with a maximum height of 15 meters each, 31 diversion weirs, and approximately 95 kilometers of main and secondary irrigation channels to provide a reliable and uninterrupted supply of irrigation water throughout the year.
  • Improved on-farm management through construction of approximately 144 kilometers of lined (concrete) watercourses, terracing and land leveling on a command area of about 4,600 ha, along with installation of rain and stream gauges to measure water availability

Our Services

  • Design  of hydrological/hydraulic/structural
  • Organization of available meteorological and hydrological data
  • Extension and generation of meteorological and hydrological data, and preparation of hydrological inputs for reservoir simulation
  • Establish the   geological conditions of the sub-project areas & compilation of geological maps and reports
  • Prepare topographical maps at the appropriate scales and contour curves for the sub-projects area
  • Prepare, review and/or update social and gender, resettlement, environmental and socio-economic studies
  • On-site supervision of the contractors’ works for compliance with the specifications, drawings, bill of quantities and other conditions of contracts