Feasibility Study for Construction of Kas Umar Khan Canal System

Project Information

  • Client:(PMO), Punjab Barrages,
  • Location:Tehsil Isa Khel District Mianwali,Punjab
  • Period:Mar, 2017 - April , 2018

Project Overview

Kas Umar Khan is an old inundation canal which off-takes from left bank of river Kurram downstream of railway bridge at Dara Tang and irrigates a part of the project area during rabi season only. It was built in the year 1878 by Khawaneens of the area as a private inundation canal with an initial capacity of 64 cusecs at head. The canal was taken over by the Civil Administration in 1906 to improve its working and this control was later transferred to Punjab irrigation and Power Department on 10.4.1986. The capacity of the canal was raised to 90 cusecs at head in 1986-87 to meet the water requirement of Afghan Refugees Camps located in the project area.

Our Services

  • Carry out Environment and Social Impact Assessment
  • Preparation of Resettlement Plan
  • Preparation of Geological Report
  • Preparation of Hydrological Report
  • Preparation of Soil and Water Survey Report
  • Preparation of Canal System Layout/ Alignment Report
  • Preparation of Agriculture Study Report
  • Detail Design of canal
  • Preparation of final PC-1