Feasibility Study For Remodelling Of Upper Jhelum Canal

Project Information

  • Client:Irrigation Department
  • Location:Mirpur Jhelum, Gujrat
  • Period:February 2016 - October 2017

Project Overview

Upper Jhelum Canal (UJC) off takes from Mangla Headworks of Jhelum River.The main canal has a total length of 142 km (Tail RD 418+000) with authorized head discharge of 12,800 cs

Our Services

  • Hydraulic design of Structure
  • Design of Mechanical Gates and other components
  • Preparation of  EIA report
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Preparation of Tender Documents and PC-I
  • Condition survey of structures and canal prism
  • Topographic survey of canal 
  • X-section survey of UJC
  • Geological investigation
  • Alternates for discharge enhancement and selection of alternative