Hydrology and water resources Engineering

We have gained extensive experience and expertise in developing, planning and designing irrigation, drainage & hydro power projects both in Pakistan and abroad.

  • Dams and Hydro power
  • Barrages and Head Works
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Drainage Systems, Salinity Control and Land Reclamation
  • Agriculture Development and Allied Fields
  • Groundwater Resources Development
  • Flood Management, Forecasting and Warning Systems
  • Computer Simulations/Modeling
  • High Efficiency Irrigation System

Architecture & Structural Engineering

Transportation & Traffic Engineering

Environment & Public Health Engineering

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Initial environmental examination
  • Environmental compliance Monitoring
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Resettlement Action Plan
  • Site Characterization/Baseline data of Environmental Pollution
  • Ecological Investigations
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Planning and Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Air and Noise Pollution Control
  • Contaminated Site assessment and remediation
  • Environmental Audits
  • Environmental Resource Study
  • Environmental Friendly Engineering Solutions
  • Urban and Rural Water Supply, Sewerage, and Drainage Master Planning
  • Wastewater Management and Treatment
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Plumbing and Electrification
  • Natural Resource management
  • Industrial and Urban Pollution Control

GIS & Information Technology

Project & Contract Management

Agriculture & Farm Mechanization

  • Agriculture Production & Enhancement studies
  • Agriculture appraisal for water resource planning studies
  • Command area & OFWM development studies
  • Agriculture value chain addition studies
  • Agriculture marketing planning
  • Socio economic  surveys and need assessment studies
  • Impact assessment  & Third party validation of projects
  • Agro- economic studies for water resources and agriculture development projects
  • Agriculture Farm planning studies
  • Agriculture Machinery feasibility studies
  • Economic studies of water resources, agriculture and infrastructure projects

Economic, Financial and Social Development Department

 <Economic, Financial and Social Development Department

Our Purpose

To catalyse an enriched future for all.

What We Do

RHC’s Economic, Financial and Social Development Department combines a vast array of capabilities across different sectors to solve challenges and create Positive Impact with unique and customised solutions here are some of the services in which are capable to engage with our clients and partners.

1)     Socio-Economic Development

2)     Public Finance and Institutional Capacity Development

3)     Public-Private Partnership

4)     Human Capital Strategy

1.       Socio-Economic Development
With the aim of ensuring higher living standards and by putting people first within the process of sustainable development, RHC intends to strengthen institutes, maximize impact of public policies and improve the performance of such projects. These targets are achieved by working in collaboration with the stakeholders, having poverty reduction and human wellbeing as the final goal.

Being fully aware and appreciative of cultural diversity that exists within different cities and towns, RHC’s specialists identify ways and activities which encourage the participation of minority and disadvantaged groups, diminish poverty and its effects, create employment opportunities, and bring to light the environmental, education, health and welfare issues.    

Although the technical competencies of RHC deal with a wide array of developmental issues, RHC considers the following areas of utmost importance

·         Program and Project Management
In order to uplift the society, coming up with innovative and effective developmental programs is of extreme importance. However, the effort in that direction can go waste if those projects are not executed with efficiency. Experts from RHC thus not only come up with associated and relevant plans, but make certain that they are executed in the most fruitful manner.

·         Project Feasibility and Design
Professionals from RHC possess vast experience in developing accurate feasibility and making certain that it is followed by an effective and easy-to-implement design. The two activities go a long way in ensuring cost-effective projects, which contribute heavily in the general upheaval of the community.

·         Poverty and Social Impact Analysis
The consequences of one’s action play an integral part in determining the future measures and steps that one takes. Being mindful of this, RHC has an entire section devoted to analysing that effects that poverty and social problems have had on the community and how best to eliminate them.   

·         Education
RHC fully understands that the basic cause of all social problems is the lack of awareness and education. It is thus imperative to eradicate the root cause by encouraging education at all levels and playing an important part in this endeavor. With the help of numerous partners, RHC is bent upon increasing literacy in the region by promoting academic projects.  

·         Health
Health is imperative for the long-term development of a society. It plays an integral part in a community reaching its full potential. For this purpose, RHC, along with its partners, has invested heavily in health related projects globally.

·         Procurement
Bringing in the right people to do the right job is of utmost importance for the development of any firm. At RHC, we assist you in making the right choices for the right departments.

With internal and external specialists, RHC has put into operation a team of experts that collaborates across all dimensions of the consulting group in order to addressing the more complex and pressing issues, both conceptually and technically.

2.      Public Finance and Institutional Capacity Development
RHC understands that effective Public Finance Management (PFM) systems maximize financial efficiency, and improve transparency and accountability that contribute to long-term economic success.

RHC’s services on PFM evolved after greater demands for accountability and transparency in the changing economic environment. PFM involves the establishment of structures, mechanisms and rules that govern management of public finances keeping in view the best practices and technological advancements in the business world.

·         Budget Preparation and Execution
Budgetary reforms play a pivotal role within the development policy, something that reflects on the importance of effective financial management. It is important to understand the politics and economy of the country in order to introduce the budgetary reforms.  The budget execution and implementation remains a significant challenge because upon its approval, the budget must be executed as planned, with appropriate management controls and well placed accountability system.

RHC has extensive experience in the design and implementations of budgetary management reforms including MTBFs and MTEFs. We have successfully implemented Planning, Budgeting and Improved Expenditure Management Systems. The objectives we set for ourselves comprise of public financial management in improving effectiveness, predictability and accountability mechanism in different layers of government, and workings with various development agencies e.g. DfID, World Bank ADB and USAID.   

·         Revenue and Treasury Management
Revenue and Treasury Management is an important function that enables governments to manage debt, investments, and effective service delivery. RHC provides services which modernize the public financial management systems, remove inefficiencies, and comply with various local and international standards.

·         Public Expenditure Reviews
RHC’s Public Expenditure Review services are based on the main diagnostic studies that help countries establish effective and transparent mechanisms to allocate and use available public resources in a way that promotes economic growth.

·         Fixed Asset Management
Asset Management as a whole is a very diverse field and requires a sensible and careful approach. RHC considers itself as an expert in the field of Asset Management and provides valuable and priceless advice on how best to utilize and manage your fixed assets.

·         Accounting and Financial Reporting
Through re-engineering the systems and applying international best practices and standards (IPSAS), RHC helps governments who are committed to improving public financial management, accountability, and transparency in order to facilitate public oversight and increase credibility.

·         Legal and Institutional Frameworks
Legal and Institutional Frameworks are the cornerstones of today’s organizations. By establishing a clear-cut set of rules and fully understanding what needs to be avoided and what needs to be done in legal terms, RHC provides services in understanding public finance law and assist in reviewing and drafting legislation.

·         Training and Capacity Development
bringing out the best in employees can only be done by constant training and capacity building programs. RHC has been assisting governments  in their specific training programs (TNA, Training Strategy, Training Execution) in fields of PFM, HR, Procurements, M&E and IT for over two decades. RHC has successfully delivered many capacity-building projects funded by multilateral and bilateral donors. 

·         Automation
RHC’s strong technological background uses international "best practices” for designing and implementing Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS) and putting them into place in specific environments.

3.      Public-Private Partnership
Successive governments of the country have made privatization a cornerstone of their economic agenda since opening up to the idea. Recently this has morphed into a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode, which implies that the government retains a significant share in the state-owned entity rather than the outright divestment of majority share and management control, which is a key characteristic of privatization. 

Service offerings under this head include:

·         Sell-Side Advisory
This pertains the whole range of privatization advisory services from conducting (financial, accounting, operational, market due diligence) due diligences to offering transaction advisory, regulatory support and compliance and coordination services

·         Buy-Side Advisory
Offerings to potential investors interested in projects being privatized include a wide range of services including target company due diligence (financial, accounting, operational, market due diligence), Financial modelling and Valuation Studies, Transaction support in corporate, regulatory and taxation matters, Regulatory compliance and coordination services (tariff petition, licenses etc.) and Negotiation support

·         Advice on PPP Initiatives
In line with the global trend towards structuring public service projects with the participation of both public as well as the private sector, the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan are also increasing focus towards this development mode. The key here is to find just the right mix of government’s involvement and the private sector’s contribution so that the project can be optimized at all fronts i.e. for the government, the private entity and the all-important consumer.

4.      Human Capital Strategy

·         Strategic Visioning
RHC deploys the Strategic Dialogue Process, a workshop based methodology for engaging the client’s entire organization in combining its best hindsight and foresight in aligned action, employing practices that are familiar to managers and strategic planners and in the best interest of stakeholders. The Strategic Visioning Process Model provides a way to sequence and sort the practices, and acts as a tool for telling the story and making the case.

·         Corporate Governance and Organization Analysis and Design
we work with clients to design and implement organizational structures that enable companies to realize their strategic vision and achieve winning business results. In this context, we offer a wide variety services such as Organization Design and Development, Business Process Re-engineering, Mergers & Acquisitions HR Integration, and Business Start-up. We believe that organization design is an integration of structure, processes, people, culture, systems and technology and that it must be supportive of the overall strategy.

·         HR Due Diligence
HR Due Diligence is one of our most detailed services and is aimed at valuing the contribution of manpower and HR function to the success of the business in a purchasing, outsourcing or market-testing environment. We also provide solutions regarding effective Manpower Optimization & Budgeting, and HR Policy Audit solutions.

·         Reward Strategy
Mercer’s Total Rewards process and analytical tools help employers develop and implement holistic strategies that reflect all the ways in which the organization delivers financial rewards to its employees; this includes pay, benefits, and career opportunities. Our Total Rewards perspective also ensures that the design and implementation of individual reward program elements considers the broader context of Total Rewards.>


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