Hydrology and water resources Engineering

We have gained extensive experience and expertise in developing, planning and designing irrigation, drainage & hydro power projects both in Pakistan and abroad.

  • Dams and Hydro power
  • Barrages and Head Works
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Drainage Systems, Salinity Control and Land Reclamation
  • Agriculture Development and Allied Fields
  • Groundwater Resources Development
  • Flood Management, Forecasting and Warning Systems
  • Computer Simulations/Modeling
  • High Efficiency Irrigation System

Architecture & Structural Engineering

Transportation & Traffic Engineering

Environment & Public Health Engineering

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Initial environmental examination
  • Environmental compliance Monitoring
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Resettlement Action Plan
  • Site Characterization/Baseline data of Environmental Pollution
  • Ecological Investigations
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Planning and Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Air and Noise Pollution Control
  • Contaminated Site assessment and remediation
  • Environmental Audits
  • Environmental Resource Study
  • Environmental Friendly Engineering Solutions
  • Urban and Rural Water Supply, Sewerage, and Drainage Master Planning
  • Wastewater Management and Treatment
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Plumbing and Electrification
  • Natural Resource management
  • Industrial and Urban Pollution Control

GIS & Information Technology

Project & Contract Management

Agriculture & Farm Mechanization

  • Agriculture Production & Enhancement studies
  • Agriculture appraisal for water resource planning studies
  • Command area & OFWM development studies
  • Agriculture value chain addition studies
  • Agriculture marketing planning
  • Socio economic  surveys and need assessment studies
  • Impact assessment  & Third party validation of projects
  • Agro- economic studies for water resources and agriculture development projects
  • Agriculture Farm planning studies
  • Agriculture Machinery feasibility studies
  • Economic studies of water resources, agriculture and infrastructure projects

Social & Community Development

Relevant Projects

Feasibility Study For Remodelling Of Upper Jhelum Canal
Feasibility Study for Construction of Kas Umar Khan Canal System
Feasibility Study for the Construction of 95km Irrigation Canal
FATA Water Resources Development Project
Rehabilitation Of Lasbela Canal System & Feasibility Study For Development Of Hydropower Potential
Detailed Design & Construction Supervision of Two Aqueducts on Lasbela Canal
Designing of Open Channel From Tibbi Minor to Raw Water Reservoir at Plant Site
Detailed Design and Construction Supervision Remodelling of Existing & Extension of Pat Feeder Canal
Rehabilitation of Lasbela Main Canal.
Design Review and Construction Supervision Of 20 Dams Package -III
Construction Supervision Of Small Dams In Baluchistan Package-II (26 Dams)
Water Harvest Projects in North and South Darfur - New & Rehabilitated Dams Project.
Red Sea and Gadarif States Dams Project- New and Rehabilitations
Feasibility Study for Water Resources Development with the Construction of Small and Medium Dams in Balochistan
Baluchistan small scale irrigation schemes (World bank funded)
Gurak storage dam
Fata small dams package X