Third Party Assessment and validation of Khadam-e-Punjab roads program (KPRRP) (Rehabilitation & Construction of (rural) roads in (09) divisions of Punjab

Client M&E, P&D Department, Govt. of the Punjab.
Location Punjab.
Period Sep 2016 - Dec 2016.

Our Services

·         Mobilization of Consultants.

·         Comprehensive & Logical action Plan / Inception Report.

·        Presentation to the DGM&E P&D Department for review and approval and subsequent implementation.

·        Collaboration with the Staff of C&W Department, Urban Unit and DGM&E to provide TPV/TPA services pertaining to rural roads rehabilitation and construction work.

·        Analysing and Validating the existing quality & quantity of the sampled rehabilitation roads executed by various Contractors, during actual rehabilitation and construction at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completion of work.

·        To ensure and report that all the works have been executed in accordance with approved drawings, specification and contract agreement.

·       Details of all validated work manually and upload on the web base system developed by Urban Unit, P&D department.

·       Demarcation of damaged /affected roads through GIS on aforementioned web or android based system.

·       review the reports of Resident Consultants of the each division and submit its review report alongwith his own report and report deviation.

Project Overview

The details of the rehabilitation as well as new schemes selected for third party assessment and validation under this package (KPRRP Phase III) are as follows.