Construction Monitoring and Evaluation Program for Kalat-Quetta Road Project, Section 1 and 2, (N-25 Baluchistan) (USAID Funded)

Client AGES Consultants - USAID
Location Balochistan.
Period August 2014 - Jan 2016

Our Services

  • To develop a work plan for the assignment in close coordination with the Client (USAID).
  • To verify quantities and quality of materials procured and works completed.
  • To verify that the plans/designs meet the priority criteria agreed for the project.
  • To review plans/designs to assure compliance with agreed criteria and standards.
  • To notify USAID Balochistan on compliance or non-compliance of complete works with agreed     standards and criteria.
  • To spot check and visit site to inspect quality of material and construction works.
  • To analyze rates and estimation of materials and their cost.
  •  To monitor environmental compliance as per EMMPs.

Project Overview

The highway originates from karachi to Kalat and traverses through the provincial capital Quetta, ending on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Chaman.
• Executed by the National Highway Authority, the KQCRP is a 231 KM (7.3 m black topped) road covering four distinct Sections.
Section 1, 60 km.
Section 2, 54 km.

• The project involves widening of existing road from 6 m to 7.3 m.
• Rehabilitation of bridges and culverts.