We are a distinguished engineering and professional services firm, recognized for our commitment to excellence.

Our dedicated team is driven by a shared vision: to make enduring, beneficial contributions to the communities we engage with. Central to our ethos are principles of innovation, integrity, and inclusivity, which guide every aspect of our work.


RHC plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of such projects through the integration of a comprehensive knowledge base, the expertise of our personnel, and a well-coordinated interdisciplinary approach. Our commitment extends to delivering technically and commercially optimal solutions to private sector organizations, government agencies, and international financial institutions.

What We do

As a beacon of excellence in the industry, we dedicate ourselves to transforming visionary concepts into practical, future-ready solutions.

Water Resource Development

RHC is actively engaged in the strategic planning, construction, and improvement aspects of water resources management. Our commitment extends to addressing a diverse array of needs, consistently prioritizing the sustainability of resources and ecological well-being.


Playing a pivotal role in addressing industry challenges, RHC focuses on improving mobility and advocating for sustainable and efficient transportation systems.

Building and Infrastructure

Our focus extends beyond structural integrity, placing particular emphasis on addressing the intricacies and challenges of construction projects.

Agriculture and Command Area Development

Within the Agriculture Sector, RHC provides expert guidance and support to clients actively involved in agricultural activities. Our comprehensive array of services is designed to boost efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in the agricultural industry.

Environment & Social Development

Our engagement goes beyond conventional consulting; we actively address environmental challenges, advocate for sustainable practices, and strive to generate positive social impacts.

Economic Development

RHC is actively part of training and skill development of human resources. Together with its partners it is playing a critical role in capacity building and economic development of Pakistan.

Hydropower & Renewable Energy

RHC addresses technical, economic, environmental, and social dimensions to foster a comprehensive and responsible stance toward renewable energy development.

Featured Areas of Focus

  • Water Resources Development
  • Transportation
  • Building and Infrastructure
  • Agriculture and Command Area Development
  • Environment & Social Development
  • Economic Development
  • Hydropower & Renewable Energy


We Are

Welcome to Rehman Habib Consultants (Private) Limited, a distinguished leader in engineering consultancy, renowned for our commitment to innovation and sustainability.
Multidisciplinary consulting organization dedicated to providing sustainable solutions
As a beacon of excellence in the industry, we dedicate ourselves to transforming visionary concepts into practical, future-ready solutions. Our philosophy extends beyond delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions; we infuse each project with a human touch, fostering enduring relationships with clients, partners, and communities.
Rehman Habib Consultants is a multidisciplinary consulting organization dedicated to providing sustainable solutions through innovative technologies.

Upholding quality, integrity, and client satisfaction, our committed professionals collaborate with clients to bring their vision to life.
years  of creativity, precision and unwavering dedication, we continue on a journey of transforming possibilities into breathtaking achievements.
Customers around Pakistan & Middle East and partners around the world.


We assist our clients in attaining their aspirations through the provision of strategic counsel, technical prowess, and a dedicated focus on delivering impactful results.
Innovative and creative solutions employing state of the art technology.
Water Resources Development

Garuk Storage Dam

Garuk Storage Dam - Karahan with over PKR 630 million of consultancy scope was delivered by RHC with its scope of Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Services for an overall scope worth more than PKR 10 billion

Water Resources Development


Balochistan Water Resources Development (BWRDSP) was PKR 47 billion project with consultancy scope of over PKR 1.2 billion. RHC delivered its scope of Detailed Engineering Design, Project Implementation Support, and Construction Supervision Services, successfully.


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